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The Waters of Horse Creek Ranch

Still Waters

     Among the sixty thousand acres of Horse Creek Ranch lie seventeen still waters.  These bodies of water range in size from one to numerous surface acres.  Each of these is fed by groundwater springs or free flowing creeks.  This constant inflow helps to maintain ideal water temperature and food resources that grow robust trout populations.  The diversity of food resources cover a spectrum ranging through may flies, caddis flies, scuds, leeches and more.    The native Brook trout grow up to twenty inches with the occasional exception that surpasses this mark.  Rainbow, Brown, Cutthroat and Tiger trout join them and range from the teens in inches to more than five pounds.  All of these waters can be easily fished from shore.  However for fly fishers that are uncomfortable standing for long periods of time or just want to get out on the water, fishing by boat is available.  If this is an option you would like, please communicate that point when booking your trip.

     There are numerous miles of flowing water that run through Horse Creek Ranch.  These small  streams range from two to ten feet in width.   They are home to small native Brook Trout mixed with the occasional resident rainbow or brown.  These small pieces of flowing water are ideal for Tenkara style fishing. While there are sections of stream that sit in close proximity to ranch roads, most of these stream miles require hiking to reach.  Due to the frequent up and down nature of the terrain, fly fishers who wish to fish these waters should be in good physical condition and capable of hiking several miles during the course of a full day.


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