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Argentina Adventures

Bob Reece & SET Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Northern Patagonia

        Fly fishing in Northern Patagonia is like traveling back in time.  The raw richness of these waters embodies what we all hope fly fishing for trout can be.   This element is further enhanced by a breathtaking landscape, exquisite cuisine, and kind people.  I would love to connect with you on an adventure to this exceptional corner of the globe.  
      Different trips and seasonal changes provide a wide variety of water types and fly fishing experiences to choose from.  One day may find you casting adult dragon fly patterns on a glacial lake.  The next could have you presenting delicate dries on a spring creek, only to spend the following day throwing streamers from the front of a raft on an overnight float.  

Upcoming Adventures

December 30 2023-January 6, 2024
Spring Creek Lodge
April 12-19, 2025
Limay River Float
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